The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia was formed in 1846 and is made up of congregations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. It is the oldest Presbyterian denomination in Australia.
The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God and the only foundation for how we are to serve God and live our lives as Christians. We believe in the Triune God consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the God who created and controls the whole world according to his excellent purpose and plan. We believe that salvation is only by faith in Christ Jesus, whose perfect life and sacrificial death was sufficient to atone for sin in every person who believes in him. We believe God’s promise to offer eternal life in heaven after death to all people who believe in the saving work of Christ Jesus and the requirement of eternal judgement in hell after death for all who reject Christ.
What we believe directs all activities in our Church. It is our desire to worship God with all our hearts and to study His word and apply it to our lives without compromise.
Our church now consists of some 16 congregations organised into 13 charges. There are 3 Presbyteries and the Synod of Eastern Australia meets annually. Through this form of organization we seek to maintain the Biblical integrity of the denomination.
As a denomination our activities include
• regular worship services,
• Sunday School classes for school children,
• youth fellowship studies and activities for teens and young people,
• missionary outreach in Australia and overseas.
Details of the worship centres of the Hastings River congregation can be viewed in the Contact Us section.