The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia was formed in 1846 and is made up of congregations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.  It is the oldest Presbyterian denomination in Australia.  Today it consists of some 16 congregations organised into 13 charges.  There are 3 Presbyteries and the Synod of Eastern Australia meets annually.  Through this form of organization we seek to maintain the Biblical integrity of our church.   We also actively seek to develop relations and foster fellowship with other bible believing Christians and churches.


The work of the PCEA on the Hastings arose in the early 1850s with the arrival of Alexander Bain (1810-1892) and his family.  He held family worship in his home and from 1862 there were open air services under a giant fig tree and in his new barn.  The early settlers in the region brought with them deep rooted religious backgrounds and a great debt is owed to them for their commitment to ensuring that gospel ordinances were established in the area as soon as possible.  The first church building in the upper Hastings was the PCEA church at “Letterewe”, opened in 1871.  The first settled minister was Rev. John Davis [1854-1897] who ministered there between 1879 and 1897 when he was accidentally killed by a falling tree branch.  The current worship centre at 41 Campbell Street, Wauchope, was opened in 1918.  Monthly services are also still held at Kindee where a place of worship was erected and opened in 1939.

A more detailed history was prepared for the centenary of the Wauchope church building.  Available here for download.  History of Wauchope PCEA


We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and the only foundation for how we are to serve God and live our lives as Christians.

We believe in one God, the triune God of Scripture – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He has created and controls the whole world according to his excellent purpose and plan.

We believe that salvation is only by God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus, whose perfect life and sacrificial death has made full atonement for sin for every person who believes in him.

We believe God’s promise of a resurrection to eternal life when Christ returns in glory, and of a new heavens and a new earth where God will dwell with his people forever.  We also believe God’s word that there will be a judgment and eternal punishment for all who reject Christ.

It is our desire to worship God with all our hearts and to study and know His word and apply it to our lives and the life of our congregation without compromise.

A more detailed statement of the doctrinal standards of our Church is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Available here for download 1647 Westminster Confession – with proof texts


Our pattern of worship is simple and our desire is that it would be heartfelt, reverent, biblical and spiritual.  The reading and preaching of God’s word occupies a prominent place in our services.  Our singing is also from God’s word given in the book of Psalms.